The Life I Lead

by Hairetsu

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yaaa I made my name in the game motherfuckers know i aint a cheap duck gimmick
see i do it for bank, i do for the dank not to slang out beat up civic
what it cost understand imma boss and a beast when comes to the god damn methods
there will comes a time, when you run your mind, to the point you say god damn f it
from a runt i learned to never front because even family aint good with the payback
yet i still gave it out and i didnt save a thing, played lose with only memories to playback
ive grown up and i aint a charity i apologize yall cant come where i stay at
some of yall, stuck focused on some dumb shit and its never gonna get you maybach
hating on what another ones done coulda put that energy toward getting them some
yet they dont so they broke gotta hate that i smoke on the best damn dabs on the fucking west coast
real shit i dont lie, but to them what am i, a shitty rapper shitty hacker shake it off then i ride
take a left onto sunset a million in one check, going to the moon, see we aint done yet

God Damn Right

this the life i lead
played it true keep it real always my held my G
the life i lead, what is that i mean
stay true to myself and always follow my dream

Im back with a fix and im back in the mix cause a whole bunch people wanna act like a bitch
Wallet Dat with click always stackin the crypt and I'm only dropping motherfucking facts on the tick
been around on the net been around on the streets to know whatever that is found they will keep
aint down with the breach, got enough damn money on private key to just go lounge on a beach
nerd life till the death recite what i rep and you know that what im pulling on the pipe is the best
im the type to invest every move i assess, show respect, instead pickin fights with a vet
see the life i live, a nice ass crib result of all the sleepless nights i did
most of what you see is what the bright side is, ive sacrificed more than i'd like to admit
the fact is, im not doing backflips, for my rap shit to ever reach the masses
the past its like i was in gymnastics man YOU'DE think id be able to teach classes
could be finding a method to spam addage, im a rabbit seeking the damn cabbage
no sleep thats because i ran practice so Ive never been labeled the damn average


released June 27, 2018
Production by: Joey Trife
Engineered, Written and Recorded by: Hairetsu


all rights reserved



Hairetsu Boca Raton, Florida


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